"Using the sophisticated idiom of the profession, I could as well put it this way: continuing this way, her Dubrovnik will turn into a Malevichian white square on a white surface, which in turn would present a logical evolution of the interaction between the artist and the space. Yet I sense it that the bougainvillaeas and the wistaria will ruin the purity of the concept and that their luxury is going to impose itself to the Zen-Buddhist reduction of the form down to pure air over and over again. The growingly poor continuities of our local traditions and the immaculate, therefore touching devotion of Romana Milutin to Dubrovnik, call for the city to reciprocate at least in part. A total reciprocation can not be expected - hers seems too big, anyway, at this exhibition alone."

     Don Branko Sbutega, 2003.g.